Wait…who are you again?

Well, well, well look who it is. The Fullerton’s. WE’RE BACK! Sorry for the long hiatus. I feel like we haven’t really had a whole lot of anything going on and everything going on…if that makes any sense.

Might as well start off with a Bash update!

We have finally received his official ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder) diagnosis. We knew this was coming and as parents we had our teary meltdowns about it months ago. Thinking about what he might possibly be missing out on and the overwhelming feeling of wanting to help and not knowing how. We have an amazing circle of people around us that have been wonderful in their support. Bash started pre-preschool back in February and he has been loving it. He gets to continue class though the summer. Our lovely Speech Therapist Mrs. Nicole is moving out of state to be closer to family. I’m very sad about this because she has been with us for a very long time. She has always been a very understanding ear but we are also very happy for this new chapter for her and her family. (Don’t think we won’t take you up on your offer of a BEACH vacation!!) Bash will be starting Speech sessions at school. It will be interesting to see how he handles the transition.

Registering for Preschool is a whole other animal we are tackling right now too. Getting him registered through our local school district and deciding if we keep him at his current school which is private and utilize a Autism Scholarship program or go to Public School with an almost identical program. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

My Sister in Law is on an epic road trip this summer with her 3 kids across the country and we’ll be meeting up with them in the Finger Lakes area of New York and be making our way up to Acadia National Park. We are so excited EXCEPT Bash has never camped. We finally got a dry weekend here in Central Ohio and camped in the backyard overnight…..it went…..okay. IF what i thought was a cold but was actually double ear infections wasn’t so bad right the experience would have been a lot calmer. We got some decent sleep, many cups of coffee for the adults the next day. Bash’s next days were all thrown off track. He’s back to his normal scheduled routine now. So fingers crossed we don’t end up hating camping after the trip!

Grant and I haven’t really had a lot going on aside from work and taking care of Bash. I was able to do a lot of stand up paddleboarding so far this year at a lake near school and at a local small lake and creek. Grant bought an electric smoker and so far he’s had nothing but success with it. Hes smoked some chicken and ribs. Pulled pork was made this past Memorial Day weekend where we had some friends and neighbors come over for a little backyard party.

Grant was able to slip away for a long weekend early in May and go to a wedding of a good friend back in Arizona. Bash and I wanted to go, but it was smack in between his ASD evaluation appointments and we didn’t want him to suffer from the travel jet lag.  

And……that’s really it for now. Like I said a lot and a whole lot of nothing and a lot of everything! 

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