January Update

Written by: Kristen

As I sit here in our solarium trying to catch some winter sunshine at the close of January, I’m reflecting on our New Year’s resolutions and how 2019 has treated us so far. There have definitely been ups and down. I have had to cancel two adventures due to tickets being sold out and finances. I have really picked up my purging of the house. I started Grant out on what I thought would be a super easy 1-2 hour Saturday project, replacing the bath taps and shower head in our master bathroom. It inevitably turned into a full day, phone a friend project (Thanks Ian!). I now have a snazzy new hole in my drywall and Grant is the dubious owner of a blow torch. But damn do the new fixtures look good. #adulting

Bash had an in-home evaluation to see if he qualified for some early intervention services through our county. He qualified, like we thought he would. The program is only until age 3, and since he is barely 2.5 years old we decided against the once a month at home meetings and decided to get him into an early preschool program that will put him with other children his age with learning difficulties as well as his neurotypical peers. They have  speech and occupational therapists that do weekly individual sessions with the kids as well as help with in-class activities. We were really pleased with what we saw and heard when we toured the facility. But, by far his favorite thing is the discovery of our local trampoline park. It is the best!

As far as his verbal communication is going, we have days where he won’t talk to us or we aren’t understanding what he is trying to tell us, but he has recently started to repeat words that we say. In true toddler fashion, mom and dad are probably the only ones who understand him. (Except our friend Cheryl, who was kind enough to share her rice with him when he asked her for more!)

Grant ended up having to fly to LA overnight in the middle of last week for work. It’s been a while since it was him leaving for a trip. Typically, Bash and I are travelling back to Arizona for an extended period of time. We end up getting our snowbirding all backwards and travel to Arizona in the summer instead of winter, but we are able to spend time up in northern Arizona at my mom’s mountain cabin or in the high desert at Grant’s parents’ house, while still very warm…it is certainly not Phoenix! Anyway, it was strange but we were very glad to have him home again! [Editor’s note: the next day, wasn’t a long trip.]

I feel like we have accomplished a lot this month, but it’s not all tangible….or photograph-able. Like,  how I mentally feel more prepared for this year. Or how i have recently had a great feeling of calm and accomplishment with how well Bash is doing.  How I feel that even in a short month Grant and I have made a more concentrated effort at being partners in our relationship. I feel like we have been able to really check some of our resolutions for this year not..off the list because most of these are ongoing goals.

I have also ramped up my purging the house of things to donate or sell.
I haven’t gone full Marie Kondo but I have been heard around the house asking “Does this bring me joy?”. Its such a stress reliever to get rid of what is causing the stress, which if you haven’t guessed, is piles and piles of stuff.  I had never really realized how much anxiety I have carried around because of clutter. Its a slow process, somehow we have collected so much stuff. So finally understanding what is materially important to us and what isn’t is so nice and it frees up so much time. But, we have had a couple of polar vortex events here where the outside temps are getting in the single and negative digits, so CAVE MOM has taken over. Not having to go anywhere, cartoons and indoor playing. Snacks…so.many.snacks. I even pulled out some toys for Bash that we have had stashed away for a while.

Warmer days such as this really have me looking forward to Spring. I’m hoping to be able to get my paddle board out more than once this year and discover some new places to play. Get some camping in, even if its in our backyard. I think, in the end, we are really looking forward to what February will bring us.

New Years Resolutions 2019

North Shore Oahu, HI Waimea Valley September 2018

Our new year’s resolutions really started to come to life around November. There is so much changing and happening within our small family unit right now that we are trying to get a jump start on 2019.

Our Buddy Boy Bash is enduring some ongoing medical evaluations regarding ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). We have at least 3 more evaluations to get through before summertime. Bash has been attending weekly speech therapy sessions since he was 18 months old and though he is still not using his words to communicate, we are definitely getting somewhere on the non-verbal communication front. But as every teacher and medical professional I have talked to states: early intervention, early intervention, early intervention.

Sebastian, December 2018

With winter upon us, Grant and I both acknowledge that I can’t keep holed up in the house like I want to. I’ve lovingly had it referred to as being a CAVE MOM. I’m coming to understand that a rowdy 2.5 year old with way too much energy isn’t really going to appreciate sipping warm tea and reading a book while watching the snow fall. He wants to be out in the snow or rain or mud ….we live in central Ohio so honestly it’s mostly rain and mud. And ice. So. Much. Ice.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some of our family resolutions for the New Year:

  • GET OUTSIDE! Whenever and however possible if it’s 30 minutes or a last minute camping getaway. I’ve enrolled Sebastian and myself into the Winter session of our local Tinkergarten classes to get us started on this resolution.
  • Solo Family Adventures: We haven’t done this yet. Even as a couple. Most of the time we’re driving or flying to see family or friends. [Editor’s Note: Our honeymoon should at least half count, although it was at a quicker pace than we’d have liked, a road trip across much of the PCH, camping on the coast, and cutting in through Portland towards Mount Rushmore before getting back home.]
Pictured: Silly hat adventures in Monterey, CA, July 2013
  • This is less of a resolution and more of a continuation of something we have been doing for a while : Be the BEST advocate for our son as we can be. Parenting is really freaking hard, and when you have a child with a looming diagnosis hanging over his head that will label him for the rest of his life, its even harder.
  • Self- Care: a lot of people see self care as being more geared towards females, but I believe no matter someones gender, people need to look after their own personal health. So, making sure that both Grant and I give each other time to pursue some activity or just have some alone time is hopefully going to bring some calm back into our lives.
  • Be the best husband/wife team we can be. Not just for our son but for ourselves as well. I feel like this ties into the previous two points. We can’t be our best selves and on top of our game if we are not on the same page. We can’t just stop working on our relationship now that a more complex one is in the forefront of our minds(IE: the kiddo)
  • And last but not least, the perpetual New Years resolution: lose some weight and get into better shape. We don’t need bikini ready magazine bods, just healthy ones.

Well, that’s the end of the list. From our family to yours we want to wish you a very Happy New Year!